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About Us is a project of , the Jerusalem-based activist training venture.

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Upstart Activist creates 'entrepreneurial activists' by training motivated and creative leaders how to apply strategic analysis and proven activist techniques to a wide variety of situations. Upstart Activist is committed to training leaders in the methods of effective activism and providing creative primers and presentations that lead to a sustained pro-Israel voice on campus and in the community.

Upstart Activist also applies activist strategies to business situations leading to greater value and significant growth.

The Principals of Upstart Activist

Michael Eglash - Michael Eglash has worked professionally as a Jewish educator for well over a decade both in Israel and the United States. Michael's expertise in and dedication to pro-Israel activism began as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. During that time he was successful in creating an active organization that trained dozens of students in promoting and defending Israel and Zionism on campus.

He made Aliyah in 1993 and founded and directed Machon Masa, a project of the Jewish Agency. Masa became the premier activist training initiative for American students in Israel interested in helping Israel upon return to their campuses. In 1996 he became the Director of Hamagshimim in Israel, a Hadassah sponsored young adult Zionist movement in Jerusalem. As such, he helped create an absorption/community center for English speaking olim. Michael also hosted a weekly show on a local Jerusalem radio station, featuring guests and focusing on topics related to Israel and Aliyah. He also worked in the booming Israel and US technology sector between 1997-2001 as President of Marketing and Sales for Eclipse Media and as Senior International Sales Director of Adero a software provider based in Waltham, MA. Michael is co-founder of Upstart Activist.

Michael continues to travel to the US on speaking engagements at university campuses. He has lectured extensively to student groups, adult organizations, churches, synagogues, and university classes in Israel and the U.S. He has made numerous appearances on television and radio shows both in Israel and the U.S. Michael has written many articles addressing Middle Eastern politics drawing on his BA in Middle Eastern History and extensive time in Israel. He and his family currently reside in Mevasseret Zion, Israel.

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Eric Esses - Eric is a veteran Israel activist who lived activism first hand on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin during the days of the first 'Intifada'. After graduating, Eric served as regional coordinator and then director of one of North America's premier Israel activist organizations, the University Student Department of the World Zionist Organization (USD). USD's objective was to educate students about Israel through campus educational programs, high-level seminars and extensive stays in the country. Under Eric's management, the USD flourished to become a powerful and persuasive pro-Israel voice on campus, even during the challenging days of the first 'Intifada' and the 1991 Gulf War. Eric initiated the creation of the acclaimed Israel Activist Primers on various subjects that provided students with fully packaged and actionable information.

Eric made Aliyah in 1992, at the end of four years of work at USD. After serving in the IDF, he was appointed the director of Project Otzma, a prestigious 10-month volunteer fellowship for North American college graduates. As director, Eric was responsible for managing a professional staff as well as supervising the activities of the program's 90 participants. Eric initiated and implemented several significant improvements in the program's structure and educational component designed to increase the program's long-term sustainability.

In 1998 Eric left Otzma and assumed a senior marketing position in an educational technology venture associated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Eric has also worked in the electronic publishing and knowledge management fields in recent years. Eric has a BA in biological psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He lives in a Jerusalem-area moshav with his family.

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is a project of
Upstart Activist, the
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