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What's in it for Activists? allows to call the .

Control Your Destiny | Additional Benefits for the Activist

"Control Your Destiny...

...or someone else will." So said GE's iconoclast CEO Jack Welch.

Pro-Israel campus activists are bright and capable people. Aside from carrying a heavy load - often including full time study, part-time work and, of course, socializing - activists also wage a critical battle for Israel's image. That's why organizations supporting students must provide tools and information to help activists fulfill their potential and craft strategies that answer specific campus needs. In a word, empowerment.

That's exactly what is all about - empowering activists by providing the right resources, when they are needed most.

Empowerment can take many forms. Here is a sampling of how you - the pro-Israel activist - will control your destiny by using a campus customized site. You'll take charge of your...

  • Web presence - Your site will include your group's name, logo and content. Your university logo can also appear and the entire site is "painted" in a color scheme of your choice.
  • Schedule - Coordinate among all group members as well as other Israel groups on campus with the online calendar. You - and no one else - control the calendar and keep group members up to date without inundating them with email reminders.
  • Communication with other activists - Communicate directly with activists throughout the network. Get the answers and advice you need straight away from other experienced activists and share ideas and strategies at your convenience.
  • Promotions and publicity - The quick-uploading campus headlines/news area allows you to publicize upcoming events on campus.

Additional Benefits for the Activist

Use to...

  • Save hours of research time - The comprehensive web directory is specifically designed to meet activist research needs, so you'll find the information you need fast.
  • Learn from and teach others - Professional support is fantastic, but sometimes activists learn from more to one another than they do from organizational representatives. also opens enormous possibilities for teaching and mentoring others who might need help.
  • Enhance programming - The Israel-oriented dates embedded in the calendar widen the pool of potential programming ideas for your campus.

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