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A Revolution on Campus and by putting technology to work for pro-Israel activists.

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Just in Time Information

Effective activism - like political canvassing - is energizing, hands-on work. On campus, the action is fast-paced and fluid and demands that pro-Israel students get the right resource and information when it is needed most - just in time.

Until now, advocacy organizations have primarily employed technology to market materials, publicize actions and distribute information. Yet the revolutionary power of technology - that of eliminating inefficiencies thereby saving time and improving results - has yet to be leveraged.

That's where comes in. recognizes that the majority of pro-Israel campus groups face similar - and often identical - challenges. Therefore, by aggregating and organizing information, materials and expertise needed by all pro-Israel campus activists in one place, saves time as research on topics importance to activists - such as divestment - is significantly simplified and vastly improved.

A New Communication Paradigm

One of the key attractions of regional/national pro-Israel seminars is the opportunity for activists to communicate directly with activists facing similar challenges. Unfortunately, participation in seminars is limited to student availability and organizational resources. As a result, activist networking opportunities are limited and difficult to sustain.

By fostering the unimpeded and direct flow of information between activists throughout North America, ensures that all activists can draw upon the key experience of others and propagate best practices on a regular basis. Such peer-to-peer communication among leaders on widely dispersed campuses mimics the primary benefits of pro-Israel seminars yet is available on-demand and sustainable over time.

In addition, re-engineers critical information flow among activists. Instead of the indirect "student > organization > other students" model in use for the past two decades, employs a powerful direct, peer-to-peer paradigm. The figures below illustrate both models.

Information Flow - Current Model

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Information Flow with

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No Email Overload

Finally, by providing a web-based area for the direct communication between activists, prevents annoying email overload that the ubiquitous list servs generate. Instead, the information is delivered online so its always available yet never in the way. In addition, information appearing online is categorized and searchable and the most useful information will be introduced into the web directory.
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