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Sponsor a Campus!

customized sites for a campus allows visionary organizations to outfit pro-Israel activists with the for successfully advancing the cause of Israel on campus.

Why Sponsor? | Costs & ROI | Current Sponsors | How to Sponsor

Why Sponsor?

If empowering students to help Israel is not compelling enough, here are a number of benefits that sponsoring sites provide:

  • Improved relations - Establish or enhance existing relationships with the student community by sponsoring a campus site.
  • Exposure and publicity - Sponsored sites contain the sponsoring organization's name and logo so organizations gain exposure among a key constituency.
  • Feel the campus pulse - By connecting with top activists, even organizations far removed from campus life can gain important insight and feel the pulse of campus life.
  • A customized site - Organizations that sponsor a site on ten or more campuses will receive a customized site for organizational use. Alternatively, key content from the site - such as the directory - can be integrated into an existing organizational web site.

Sponsorship Costs and Return on Investment (ROI)

Ultimately, the cost of campus sponsorship is pennies per day. The return on investment is hard to quantify, but easy to experience. Here's what you'll find on campus: better quality activism, smarter strategies, more pro-active campaigns, faster and more effective responses to challenges and nationally networked activists who have more time to help Israel, and do so more effectively than ever. Contact us for pricing information and sponsorship options.

How to Sponsor Campuses

It's a fairly straightforward process. The first step is to contact us at We will be happy to arrange a phone conversation to explain how you can help students win the battle for Israel on campus.

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