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What is helps students help Israel - in a way.

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What is

Simply put, is feature-rich Intranet designed specifically to serve the needs of pro-Israel campus activists by providing unsurpassed resources and networking tools. assists pro-Israel activists in four key areas:

  1. Streamlining and improving the Israel-related research of campus activists.
  2. Simplifying daily scheduling and event planning for Israel groups.
  3. Providing enhanced networking and communication opportunities among campus leaders.
  4. Establishing a local web presence as a campus resource and platform for publicity.

The Problem - The Activist as an Island

Pro-Israel campus activists the world over face similar challenges yet often work independently without the benefit of experience garnered by peers on other campuses. Although organizations convene national and regional seminars to foster sharing of information and best practices, on campus students often lack the right resource when needed most - on campus, at midnight. Further, aside from the occasion seminar, activists do not have the ability to network among a cadre of top leaders throughout the nation on a regular basis. Until now.

The Solution - Activism for the 21st Century solves these problems by applying Internet-based communication technology to revolutionize how activists attain, use and share information.

Each campus participating in the network is outfitted with a fully customized web site that features:

  • A searchable, Yahoo-like directory of essential best-of-web resources critical to the success of pro-Israel activists.
  • Activist alerts and discussion forums that bring together activists throughout North America in an environment where peer-to-peer information flows.
  • Strategically selected and annotated articles from Israel and the Jewish world that have immediate activist value on campus.
  • An online calendar for coordinating and publicizing events among campus activists as well as among multiple pro-Israel groups on a single campus.
  • Significant dates in Israel and Jewish history embedded in the calendar replete with proven programming ideas for activism.
  • Fully customizable campus headlines area to publicize news and upcoming events
  • Campus customized elements such special links and content as well as site look and feel and university logo, among others options.

For a complete list of features, see the Site Features section.

The Benefits of provides a wide array of key benefits, all of which ultimately lead to improved presentation of Israel on campus. Use of

  • Saves time - Student activists save hours of frustrating research work by accessing and searching - a comprehensive web directory specifically designed to meet activist research needs. In addition, activist headlines highlight news of immediate value - essential information, not information overload.
  • Improves research - The directory is filled with only the best of the web - trustworthy site and actionable materials - thus improving the quality of the research executed.
  • Harnesses expertise and experience - Activist alerts and the discussion forum allow activists to draw upon the prior experience of other leaders when considering strategies for a wide variety of challenges.
  • Betters on-campus coordination - The online calendar keeps all pro-Israel activists at a campus on the "same page," preventing scheduling conflicts.
  • Enhances programming - Israel-oriented dates embedded in the calendar stoke the imagination, improving and widening the pool of potential programming ideas.
  • Reduces response time - Activist alerts allow students to instantly share time-sensitive news with leaders across the continent, enabling the generation of effective, coordinated responses in short order.
  • Creates web presence - Each customized site may serve as the official web site of the pro-Israel group(s) on campus. The site is an invaluable research resource for the entire campus community and a key promotional tool for the pro-Israel groups.
is a project of
Upstart Activist, the
activist training venture.
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A revolution in pro-Israel student activism is a project of Upstart Activist, the Jerusalem-based activist training venture is a project of Upstart Activist